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Oh Baby!

8 Mar

Most, if not all, of our friends who have kids the same age as Jack are either preggers or already have a second child. We think it is time for another baby & we’re praying that we are Blessed with a baby girl this time… although we wouldn’t mind having another bouncing baby boy 🙂 Hopefully, they’ll be a bun in the oven soon, so keep your fingers crossed with me. We already know what names to give if the baby is a boy or a girl, but I will not share it with you guys yet until I see those 2 pink stripes.

Jack is turning 5 this August & he keeps telling us that he is ready to be a “kuya” or older brother in Filipino.

Time flies by so fast

We also feel like the age gap is perfect. He’s at that age wherein he already understands what being a big brother is & second, he is old enough to help out with little things when the baby comes. Of course when I say “help” I mean he can hand me the wipes or pass me the nappy. Simple things like that. Obviously, I do not expect him to sterilize the bottles or help in the nightly feeding. That task will have to be Mr. T & my responsibility. Oh yes…. we are ready to go through that sleep deprivation process all over again.

I had Jack when I was 28 yrs. old & I gained 50lbs. It took me 2 years to get back into my “former glory” in fact, I’m lighter & healthier now compared to when I was still single. This going back into “former glory” deserves an entirely different post, so I’ll just blog about that some other time.

That's me at 5 months pregnant... I look like a whale! haha!

Going back to our topic –> So I gained 50 freakin’ pounds & had a bad case of post partum depression. On top of that, I had to recover from major surgery since Jack was a huge baby. He weighed in at 8.5 lbs. and I labored for 9 hours before going into emergency CS.

Fresh from the oven 🙂

Jack with his dad on the way to the nursery

Having read the “What to Expect When you’re Expecting” book from cover to cover, getting advise from experienced parents & friends, researching about parenthood & how to take care of a newborn, we thought we were ready to be parents. We had no idea we were in for the ride of our lives.

First time parents

From the very beginning, Mr. T was always a very hands on dad & I am so Blessed to have someone like him. He takes the term hands on to a whole new level.

carrying Jack on his Baptism

I love this picture of Jack with Mr. T (That's my grandma in the background)

trying to beat the summer heat

We would take turns feeding Jack at night just so that we wouldn’t be too zombie-like at work the next day. ( I still went back to work after my 172 day maternity leave.) Some days were good, but most days were hard. Being first time parents wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. To make things worse, Jack was a collick-y baby,  so he would constantly cry. For a time, I thought one kid was enough, but now when I look back at how “lost” Mr. T and I were back then, I can’t help but laugh & tear a little. We looked like a bunch of teenagers, struggling to raise a child. Now that our little monster is 4.5 yrs old, and we are a little bit wiser, more patient, more mature, we both realize that one child is not enough.

I miss that new born baby scent.

And the smell of baby breath! I can stick my nose in that mouth the whole day.

I don’t care if I gain 50 lbs or more… I just want another baby 🙂

So I’ve been searching for baby furniture online, (not necessarily because I want to buy them for the next kid, but more to get ideas on what’s new out there. It’s been almost 5 yrs. you know.) and here are some pretty cute stuff I found.

Amazing how baby furniture has evolved from being plain & bulky to cute & practical!

Modern looking baby cots

1. Ubabub Pod – It’s a cosy cocoon-shaped cot with smooth, rounded edges that gives a distinct modern look. The clear acrylic sides — with cute star-shaped cutouts — give parents an easier time to check on baby. It’s simple to assemble, clean and maintain and as your baby gets olderNo need to worry about baby outgrowing the pod because he/she can use it way into the toddler years because it converts into a junior bed. Cool. The downside though, this pod costs (Australian)$ 1,500 +. Yikes.

To learn more about Ubabub products, click here.

photo credit: urbanbaby.com

2. Luxo sleep baby bed – This is a beautifully designed cot that allows your baby to sleep in style from 0-5 years old . Made out of solid wood, it was designed to to promote air flow– extremely important for baby’s safety.  No tools are needed in easy assembly of this cot… something a lot of dads would like. Colors available are cappuccino & coconut white. Retails at $990.00

Luxo Cot by Bloom

3.  Alma Mini foldable crib by Bloom – (My favorite… it’s also the most affordable among the 4 cribs. This retails at $350.00) Now this crib is all about style, mobility & storage. It is a beautifully designed folding wooden bassinet/mini-crib, with stainless steel detailing; the perfect choice for parents looking to bring a little contemporary chic to the nursery or home. It features two mattress heights, combining the benefits of a newborn bassinet with a full size crib, & converts into a toddler/day bed with the bed rail, enabling use from newborn comfortably up to 4 years. This is ideal for parents with limited space because this folds easily when not in use. This comes in 5 unisex colors: Gala Green, Coconut white, Harvest orange, Cappuccino & Frost Grey.

Learn more about Bloom baby products by clicking here.

4. Ubabub Nifty Clear cot & junior bed – Again, this is a modern crib designed by Australian company Ubabub. This cot combines the clean lines of the mid-century aesthetic with ubabub’s innovative clear acrylic sides, providing greater visibility for parents. It’s easy to assemble, clean and maintain and converts easily to a junior bed. Now if Mr. T were a baby, I think he would’ve wanted a crib like this for himself. Anything stamped with “mid-century design” is clearly his thing. Just like anything stamped with a CC logo, is MY thing. Hihi

photo credit: urbanbaby.com

How chic is that? Obviously, something this savvy’s gotta cost a lot, and it does at $1,900!!!

Gosh, we’ll probably have to use Jack’s old cot when the second baby comes. It’ll be easier on our pockets + more practical right? We didn’t buy Jack a designer crib. In fact, we used the crib I used when I was a baby. My parents had kept it in storage & it was in pretty good condition (considering my 2 siblings & I used it.) Mr. T & I hand painted the crib ourselves & it took us about  a week to finish. I was about 6 months pregnant when we did the crib & we can proudly call it a labor of love.

This was the finished product of the 35 yr. old cot. Fresh white paint, brand new mattress from Uratex, a new set of wheels & refurbished mechanism made it good as new. Who would’ve thought it’s THAT old?

the crib which has been with the family since 1977. Taken at my mom's place

Jack playing in his crib back in 2008.

That's jack's 1st cousin, Manolo, the son of my brother, taken in '09

I also bumped into a few interesting high chairs available in the market. Although most of these are available abroad,  the Stokke Trippe Trapp & Bloom Fresco Loft are available locally at Rustan’s and  Hobbes & Landes.

I especially love the Trippe Trapp. It looks like a seat for some spaceship.

Prices of all these chairs are above $500.00! Crazy for a high chair.

Jack’s high chair was a generic one, made out of hard plastic and aluminum that we got at S&R. It was a gift from my dad. We only used it thrice or more because his nanny at that time, accidentally dropped it & the plastic cracked.  When we brought it to the repair shop, the cost of repairing the broken plastic parts was more than the cost of the chair itself, so we decided to leave it be. Ever since then, we opted to go for stuff made out of wood. More expensive, but sturdier.

I also found pretty interesting & extremely expensive strollers. All of these go way beyond the $1,000.00 mark. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Porsche actually sells prams. Interesting. I love the Xplory stroller by Stokke by the way. The floral print is so now 🙂

big bucks required here

At first, we borrowed the stroller of my best friend’s daughter. She rarely used it, so it was almost like brand new. Then when I found the local distributor of Quinny strollers in Manila, I begged bugged her for a discount! haha! She gave in & sold the stroller at cost, so we saved around $200.00 I first saw the Quinny Buzz online and it was love at first sight for me. It was pricey, around $740.00, but the reviews were very good & I wanted something that could fully recline so the baby can really sleep. Something like a moses basket on wheels. So the $200 discount was a huge bonus. I’m sure fellow parents like us, are aware of the cost a baby entails, so every penny mattered.

Snug & safe in his buzz

The downside though was that the stroller was quite bulky. It was very easy to fold & unfold, (it had a built in automatic folding system) but loading it into the car was quite a challenge. Mr. T had to take one wheel apart, just so it would fit in the trunk of our Honda Jazz. Second, it was impossible to bring when traveling abroad. We had to borrow my mom’s old McLaren umbrella type stroller to our out of town trips. Again, my folks had this McLaren stroller since the early 1980’s & I once rode in it 🙂

Can you see the vintage buggy?

Jack with his dad & nanny on a trip to Ayuthaya, Bangkok

Umbrella type strollers are still the way to go when going out of town. You wouldn’t be so anal when you see the baggage people throwing it around, compared to your $700 stroller right?

When we lived in Europe for a while, we were able to maximize the Buzz. We didn’t have a car & walked or took the bus to wherever we wanted to go, so no dismantling of wheels back then. The Buzz kept Jack warm during the winter,

Dry during those sudden afternoon showers,

Chilly, rainy afternoon in front of Selfridges

And comfortable & happy on those sunny trips to the park.

His stroller was used to it’s full potential. When we travelled out of UK though, we used a 2nd hand, umbrella type McLaren buggy which we bought via gum tree for 30 quid. It was the best 30 pounds we have ever spent. It’s beat up & travelled half the world with us, but we still use it til today.

Again… umbrella type strollers rule when it comes to traveling.

Ponte Vecchio bridge, overlooking the Arno River in Florence, Italy

Playing with his buggy in Marakkesh, Morrocco

Santorini, Greece

To end this, I just want to say that the gadgets & expensive baby gear will not matter. Yes it’ll make you look like super posh, super cool parents, but if you don’t spend quality time with the munchkin or give him/her the love and attention he/she deserves, becoming a parent is pointless.

Becoming a parent is like saying “time to grow up” & whether you like it or not, life will no longer be the same. Kids make the house messy, test our patience, drive us nuts, interfere with “mom & dad’s quality time,” and cost a lot…. BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way. I would rather go home to a messy but happy home, then an empty – museum like apartment. Have a 3 yr. ask the same question over & over again, then my dentist bugging me for my next appointment. I’d rather have an impromptu picnic at the park with the kids, then go out on a shopping trip with the girls.

I’ve been a mom for almost 5 years now & I wouldn’t exchange any job in the world for it. I can’t wait to be a mommy again 🙂