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Why Airbrush Make-Up

11 Jun

A few weeks ago, I was given the pleasure of being a resource person for beauty & wellness at a multi-national company. It was 4 hours of info over load for them & sheer joy for me 🙂 So what is the connection between that beauty talk & this post of mine? To put it simply, I was bombarded with questions about airbrush make-up & we didn’t have much time for Q&A (I hope those ladies are reading this) so here  I am blogging about the unknown it, here.

For those of you who totally have no idea what it is, it’s a kind of make-up that is applied using an air gun & compressor instead of your usual make-up brush. Kind of like what cake decorators use when adding depth &  shading to the fondant or the decoration in the cake. Now, don’t think that you can use the same materials & equipment for cake decorating with airbrush make-up. It may be the same concept,  but totally different processes. Airbrush make-up involves the face — a human one —  so you have to be extremely careful. A sponge cake, dear friends, won’t mind if you’re blasting away it’s chocolate frosting with air.

Below is a baker airbrushing the “log cake”

And here I am airbrushing clients on their wedding days.

I’m in my zone.

In Airbrushing, the product passes through a needle, then sprayed onto the surface  as minute dots by means of compressed air. What makes airbrush makeup different from airbrushing a cake is the PSI used. PSI stands for pounds per square inch. In english… PSI is the pressure of air that comes out of the air gun. A human face can only take about 3-8 psi. A cake, can take a whole lot!

Now I don’t want to go all scientific, but there really is so much more to airbrush makeup than what  conventional/traditional makeup has to offer. Whenever I have a client bride, I always wish they’d request for recommend airbrush. Top four reasons would be: 1. It has a flawless finish. Flawless, meaning you can not see any brush strokes, creases, blotchy patches in the skin. All eyes will be on the bride, so her make-up has to be flawless & perfect! 2. It lasts longer with very minimal touch ups. Weddings can go as long as 18 hours, even more, no kidding. 3. It’s very light weight & does not feel heavy at all. Airbrush makeup is silicone based, & so it still has a silky feel on the skin. It should not feel oily. 4. Last but not the least, it’s quicker to apply. So artists no longer stress about the wedding coordinator nagging asking them to double time.

Remember, this is all possible IF there is PROPER APPLICATION. Sad because I’ve read & seen some artists “faking” airbrush make-up. A friend of mine even experienced discomfort on her wedding day. She thought it was “normal,” but I guess ignorance is bliss. Airbrush makeup is not supposed to be painful or prickly on the face guys. if applied properly & correctly, it should just feel like your face is being massaged gently by air. You’re not supposed to feel like you’re drowning in wind. Also, to those readers who are just about to get married, keep in mind that airbrush make-up should NOT ONLY be done during foundation,  but also on contouring, eyeshadow, & blush application. Don’t worry, manual blending can & may still be used, just make sure, you get your money’s worth.

The only things I don’t airbrush are: Lipstick, eyeliner & eyebrows. There are eyebrow stencils available out there, but based on experience, they look un-natural. I’d rather manipulate the brows with my ever dependable make-up forever eyebrow corrector 🙂

Here are some of my clients with airbrush make-up on.





woops! forgot her name! sorry!







Of course something this “perfect” comes with a price. It is much more expensive than traditional makeup because the materials used (make-up & equipment) doesn’t come cheap. Also, the artist should have some proper form of training to understand & learn how to apply airbrush make-up. You can not master & acquire the skill by watching you tube people. You will learn more when you practice it. I studied airbrush at the London Film Academy back in 2009, & yet I can not say I am an expert already. I’ve been working on people’s faces for a while now & yet, I learn something new every time. It’s not just about aiming your air gun at the proper facial feature. It’s also about knowing product formulation, which thinner goes with what. Should I use silicone, water or alcohol? Is the client a good candidate for airbrush? Should I use my .6mm or .2mm nozzle? Will a top loader or side fed gun work better? Is the consistency of my liquid thin enough to go through my needle. All of these should be considered by the artist & it can get overwhelming sometimes you’d wish you just had stuck to your make-up brushes.

Airbrush makeup is probably one of man’s best inventions & if I knew about it back when I was a bride, I would’ve gone for it. Yes, it’s pricier than your usual make-up artist fee (around P3,000-8,000 a head) but when you get to experience it & see the outcome, you’ll never want to let a brush touch your face again 🙂

P.S. I teach one on one airbrush classes. Feel free to e-mail me at kathrynjillablaza@yahoo.com

or sms me at + 63 920  9155023

Happy Independence Day in a few minutes everyone! 🙂