because my black is pink

 I am a full time, stay-at-home mom & part time professional, freelance make-up artist. I was once a corporate slave, but after 7 years, I snapped. To make the long story short, I am so much happier now than when I was single, free & earning a lot. Don’t get me wrong… it’s always good to have a fat pay cheque, but I guess when you don’t love what you do, eventually you’ll burn out. Of course I had to tweak my lifestyle so that I could get by with my “freelance work.” Trips to the nail salon were reduced to once a month treats. Shopping sprees turned into window shopping sprees & my monthly massage with Ellen at the SPA turned into a yearly thing.It was hard at first but I eventually got used to it. My husband (who’m we will call Mr. T) has also gotten used to the idea of me making “pa-cute” to him whenever I wanted something shiny & new.

I am Blessed to have such a wonderful man in my life & I wouldn’t know what to do without him. He is my best friend & favorite travel buddy. He is loyal & he keeps me sane. He is not my weakness, but my strength. Heck, he knows me more than I even know myself! Lastly, he has given me the best gift ever & that would be our 4 yr. old son, Jack.

My life is complete.


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