Must stay in the light…

9 Jul

I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding Max for over 4 months now & everything is wonderful. My milk supply is more than enough, Max is an excellent latcher, and I’ve somehow mastered the art of nursing in public. Enter impromptu, mini family reunion over the weekend, and all of a sudden I have this nagging, tiny voice in me, telling me to quit! I don’t want to quit! Shut up little voice!


nursing in the car while waiting for Jack’s dismissal from school

I was happy to see relatives… not happy to hear “negative” comments about breastfeeding. I know they mean well and all, but blocking off the “noise” is easier said than done. Now all my fears, apprehensions & insecurities have come back to haunt  me. Just when I had already learned to accept and love my new body. Just when I had gone past the struggles & challenges of a breast feeding mom. Just when I was full of confidence, knowing that my child is getting the best nutrition, money can not buy 😦

Shut up little voice! Come back in 6 months or so!


10 things I learned about settling down.

5 Jul

In my early 20’s, I never thought of getting hitched nor becoming someone’s significant other — for life. I had no motherly bone in me & I never thought of having kids. I mean, as a child I would fantasize about my wedding dress, the flowers, the color theme, even the flavor of the 3 tiered cake, but I never seriously thought about what happens when you settle down. When I turned 25 however, everything changed. I met Mr. T, & just after  a year, we were married.


wedding day 2006

Fast forward to seven years later, here I am, mommy to two adorable boys & nagging loving wife to Mr. T. I know seven years is nothing compared to a lot of couples out there — my parents, for example, have been married for 38 years now — but I just want to share a few things I’ve learned about what happens after saying “I do.”

1. It’s OK to go to bed with an argument unresolved. When you fight & things start to get really messy, it’s better to wait until both of you have cooled down. Being upset will just make you say things you really didn’t mean in the first place.

2. Always make sure you have Tabasco in the pantry. Just trust me on this.

3. The real challenges happen when you start having kids. All of a sudden, it’s no longer about you two. You guys are now both responsible for this life, that both you & your spouse made. Kids will test the resiliency of your relationship, your patience, your cheque book… so you better be physically, financially & emotionally ready when you commence baby making.

4. When your husband / wife / partner asks you what you want to do over the weekend, don’t just say “anything.” It’s such a turn off. Be specific for crying out loud!

5. Saying Thank you can go a very long way.

6. Date night may not always mean going out to a fancy dinner. Watching re-runs of Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, at home, while the kids sleep can be a date in itself.

7. Don’t nag your spouse about what to wear — even if it’s that free T-shirt he got from the office… and it’s Christmas Eve… *gulp* — You don’t want to be married to your mother right?

8. A can of Pringles can be a good kiss and make-up gift.

9. Make an effort to still look good. Shave those legs. Pluck those eyebrows. Powder your nose. Go easy on the krispy kreme!! Getting married to the man / woman of your dreams, doesn’t mean you can just let go of yourself you know. In his eyes, you are the most beautiful woman in the universe… so help him keep thinking that.

10. Respect each other’s space. If your spouse spends more time in the toilet than you do, stop knocking on the damn door & let him. If he’s busy tweeting/face-booking or social media-ing, let him. If he’s reading his boring favorite book, let him. If he’s out with the boys, stop calling or texting him what time he’ll be home.

 I know I still have a long way to go & a lot more to learn, but right now, I am just thankful for being Blessed with such a wonderful husband 🙂

How about you fellow married couples out there. What do you guys have to share?

Happy weekend everyone!

inspiration of the week – green

19 Jun


































JCGemsJewelry - 18-Karat Gold Vermeil Emerald Green Onyx Earrings inpsied by Angelina Jolie







Happy Father’s Day!

17 Jun

Dear Dad, Happy Father’s day!

 Thank you for teaching me how to swim and catch ball. Thank you for spending countless hours in the garage, assembling trainers on my bike. Thank you for teaching me how to brush my teeth properly — I can still hear you saying “brush up & down… up & down.” Thank you for those — spur of the moment –shopping sprees. Thank you for teaching me the value of money & how to properly arrange them in your wallet according to value — I still do that. Thank you for always supporting me in whatever I am going through in life.  Thank you for teaching me how to tie my shoe laces. Thank you for always putting a smiley when you text. Thank you for teaching me that talking to plants will make them “grow happy & healthy.” Thank you for making me laugh even without trying. Thank you for showing me that when you fail, you get up & try again. Up to now, you still buy my favorite suman or kakanin & never fail to say “I bought your favorite… it’s in the kitchen.”  Thank you for teaching me how to drive.  A thousand thank yous to the best father anyone can ask for. You are my gentle giant, the first man I ever loved.You will always be my first love, first kiss & forever hero. Thank you dad. I love you to the moon & back.

Love, your not so little princess ♥


Beautiful Brides

11 Jun

They say June is THE wedding month & since we are right smack in the middle of it, I am dedicating this post to the most memorable brides I have had the pleasure of working on over the years. Unfortunately, I do not have the high resolution pictures of all the clients I’ve had, and so I am sharing only the ones that I was able to get hold of. Thank you again ladies for entrusting your BIG day to me 🙂

My sister’s wedding back in February 2012. She still is, and will always be my most beautiful client. Official photos by

Andy+Anne Wedding-0540

Andy+Anne Wedding-0442

Andy+Anne Wedding-0435



Andy+Anne Wedding-0421

Andy+Anne Wedding-0443

Andy+Anne Wedding-0494

Andy+Anne Wedding-0661

Andy+Anne Wedding-0094

Lareina — A Tagaytay wedding I did back in 2009 (I think). This was a very memorable wedding for me because the mass was held at Chapel on the Hill in Tagaytay — one of my favorite places. And …  I got into a minor accident on my way home after the event. Oh well.






Yvette — my sister’s best friend form high school. Her wedding turned out to be a family affair because Jack was their ring bearer, my mom stood as principal sponsor & my sister was a secondary sponsor. Official photos by







Angelica — A balik bayan bride I worked on in 2010. She was the most relaxed & “game” client I have ever had. No fuss, no wedding jitters. She and her husband now have a daughter 🙂 Official photos by








Eleanor — Another balik-bayan bride I did. El & I were exchanging e-mails for more than a year prior to the wedding. We had 2 trials — which were almost a year apart since the gorgeous bride would be in Manila for short periods. In the end, everything turned out well & the bride was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever had 🙂 She too has recently become a new mommy. Official photos by








Roselle — A good friend & car pool mate from college. Due to time constraints, we didn’t have a trial for the bride & Roselle was kind enough to “trust” me that she would look her best on her big day. Official photos by Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto








Last but not the least, Nadine — This was my first ever Shangri-La Boracay wedding. It was very memorable to me because I was 6 weeks pregnant then & our plane ride to the island was turbulent all the way. It was supposed to be a beach wedding, but due to really bad weather, everything ended up indoors. Never the less, the fun, beautiful, sweet & charming bride didn’t let that dampen her big day. Official photos by










I used airbrush make-up on all these brides by the way. To learn more about airbrush make-up, click here.

For inquiries on bridal packages, rates & availability, kindly email me at or send me an sms at + 63 920 915 5023

Yosi Samra has failed me :(

7 Jun

My right foot has a problem — or maybe not. I recently found the right shoe, of both my Yosi Samra ballet flats ripped up 😦 Has anyone else experienced this? What’s sad is they’re not even a year old & this is what I get.


I don’t even use them everyday & when I do wear them it’s usually when I’m going to the mall, running some errands, or as driving shoes before I slip into my heels when meeting a client.



barely used sole

I don’t even walk on rocks/pebbles or rough concrete. I do not use them when it’s raining, & it has never felt the surface of very hot pavement.  The picture above can attest to that.

I was really disappointed when I found both pairs ruined. I’m sort of a shoe freak — ask any good friend of mine & they’ll tell you how much I obsess over take care of my shoes — and so I’m completely clueless how this happened. Just when I raved about these flats to family & friends, here I am trying to figure out what went wrong.


Yosi Samra ballet flats are extremely comfortable & don’t really come cheap ( prices range from P2k + to 3k + depending on style) but sadly, I will no longer recommend them. Go back to your Repettos ladies!

Baby # 2

1 Jun

This has been long overdue, but better late than never right?

Here is the newest addition to our happy family, Max 🙂 He’s turning 3 months tom & we all think he’s an exact copy of his dad. So Jack is my junior, while Max is Mr. T junior.

He is 100% breast fed by the way… but THAT deserves another post.

Happy weekend everyone! 🙂

Our day old munchkin

Our day old munchkin

enjoying motherhood the 2nd time around

loving motherhood the 2nd time around


i had to wear a surgical mask for the first few days because of a bad cold i got the day i gave birth

enjoying his big brother gift from max

enjoying his big brother gift from max


bonding with daddy